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Space Design & Strategy

The strategy by itself, carves out the following 'processes' for various project typologies; However, one thing remains constant, 'the purpose'.


*The processes mean the basic philosophy with which, the projects are carried out.


Integrated Workspace Strategy

Devising an intelligent workspace for your brand, that catalyses the total work flow and optimises the real estate rentals, space usage and overheads. Enhancing collaboration, coordination and communication between workers; whilst, retaining the efficient workforce and increase the productivity with the skills of design thinking are the part of the design process carried out under Integrated Workspace Strategy.

This entails Corporate Offices, organizations, agencies and all typologies of workplace environments.

Living Design Strategy

Home Spaces that are designed to reflect the inhabitant’s personalised needs, style, emotions, and the way the people bond together; Personalisation is what we remember while we strategise for these living spaces. Work is the lifestyle today & these living spaces should help you self connect every time you take the refuge.

This entails residential spaces including individual houses, apartments, pent houses, private villas and all living space typologies.

Retail Design Strategy

Experience Design as the key, these specially – tailored spaces are designed to uplift user’s total experience and brand impression; and all these aspects become the core of transforming the total impact and sales.

This entails Stores, Shops, marts, temporary stores and all display and retail typologies.

Care Design Strategy

Wellness and holistic approach to healing is the key to this strategy. Making design as one of the healing triggers besides medicine is the core gist here. Not just patients, the patient's guardians are also included as an integral part of this complete design healing strategy. A large band width of research and innovation encompasses a solution for specific areas. Having said that, the efficient operations, seamless processes go absolutely hand in hand with the design.

This encompasses Hospitals, Nursing homes, specialized clinics, care homes for elderly, specialized treatment areas for kids, also Spiritual healing and meditation spaces, and all other healing spaces typologies.

Leisure Design Strategy

Work, current scenarios and life in general, brings this deep desire in everyone’s heart; to enjoy like a child, or as if, it was only once you lived; devising concepts that that truly pamper you!

This entails all entertainment and leisure spaces.

Service Design Strategy

From designs that not only strategize seamless processes and user experiences at service sectors, but services that create innovations to uplift user experiences, making lives easier, helping multi-task to add rest and comfort to daily chores of lives and experiences experiences are a part of the design processes covered under service design strategy. Services that go close to understand your sensitivities and add to your happiness quotient. How we do it, is a surprise!


Most strongly, our service design research revolves concepts that cater to social issues and help humanity evolve. If you are interested for the former, contact us for further details immediately.

Social Innovation Strategy

This is truly the category where we fulfil our quench for personal inner contentment, and ignite our passions with the biggest word ‘PURPOSE’. Hence it’s no help to the external, but rather to our own selves; we constantly research and devise ideas that can uplift the society, surroundings , spaces, services, environments and systems that affect us and vice versa.


Design Ingredients

Research, Innovation & Design Management

With our ongoing research on making spaces, services and processes more efficient, we constantly research to understand the design issues, user experiences, brand impressions and related factors deeply. We thereby apply design thinking and design management skills to bring about seamless strategies, evolved solutions and innovative ideas to roll through.

Brand Design & Strategy

How does a space communicate the brand, work culture and business codes to the viewer/client is one of the most crucial aspect of commercial space design; Researching the brand extensively & strategizing the complete brand impression and point of differentiation is an important part of Brand Design & Strategy.

Multidiscipline Collaboration & Execution

Our set of specialists, consultants and contractors are chosen immaculately, sharing the same aspirations, matching the excellence and ensuring quality of deliverance.

Furniture, Lighting & Accessories

From our personalised designs to International Brands, our obsession with detail and styling, makes us invest in our clients' projects way beyond the hours we spend on them and we make sure that our creative faculties are squeezed out till perfection.

Automation & Technology

Intelligent spaces and concepts require automation and right usage of technology. Our Automation & Technology team specialises strongly to achieve the levels of conceptualization we desire.

Methodology of Execution

Method 1: Design

We provide you with design consultancy for your project, based on the timeline and strategy that we discuss and finalise before the project begins.

Method 2: Design + Project Management

While providing design consultancy, we also provide project management services that can ensure matching the projected timelines and quality; where we track your project's daily and weekly progress through our professional team dedicated to your project.

Method 3: Design + Execution

*Pls note: We do not mean Turn Key Solutions

If the client requires us to do the project execution with design, we are happy to organise and dedicate a set of contractors and project manager for them; where the client gets into a direct contract with the contractors; and the financial terms and conditions are on the Ad-Hoc Basis.