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Nab a Nap is a napping service proposal on highways to combat the issue of drowsiness and thousands of deaths caused by the same cause every year. Depending on locations and countries, the proposal transforms its functions and strategies; however, the purpose remains same, saving lives by resting. For the long distance travellers to take quick naps and begin their remaining journey afresh, is the underlying target and rest of the design happens depending on budgets, locations and typology of target population.
A new and innovative environment which intermixes the idea of power napping with sensorial experiences that make the total idea of power napping, pleasurable and delightful .A pleasurable and comforting experience that should encourage a driver to stop and rejuvenate in between a long and tiring journey.

P.s This is our step towards social innovation; contact us, if your aspirations matches ours!


Nab - a - Nap

Design for Saving Lives
Year 2008


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