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Design Mentorship

Design Mentorship by Innovatio is a step towards the overall upliftment of design understanding and application amongst people of various backgrounds and organizations. Displaying the vastness of design application and removing various misconceptions related to the subject is a part of the process. Following are few of the channels that we adopt to take this step forward:


A. Design Education Consultancy: Design Education Consultancy, encompasses guidance to individuals with creative bent urging for professional paths. This includes, helping the individual in the intricate understanding of their personal vision and how their creative faculties should be moulded to achieve success. Through rounds of discussions, presentations, and collaborative exercises, the understandings are recognized; we act as catalysts in the complete process. Portfolio working and attaining scholarships are a part of the guidance depending on the individual's needs and dedication.


B. Design as a much larger tool: We visit various schools, offices and institutions to share the knowledge on design as a much larger tool and It's kaleidoscope properties; how design can help both designerly and non designerly institutions to help resolve their various issues, please note: we are emphasizing on issues that are non design based also! We display how such problems are worked out through design thinking tools; and how do you change your overall thinking and style of working to help resolve issues on everyday basis by collaborative design thinking techniques within the organization.