Innovatio Innovatio

The Core Facilitator

Anupriya diwan who studied at Domus Academy, Milan and, further honed her design research skills from Savannah College of Arts and Design, United States, returned to India in 2011 and joined us at Innovatio to lead and facilitate the Design Team.

She leads the design team and acts as a core facilitator; encouraging design thinking as a highly essential tool to bring about evolved design processes. Innovatio has continuously increased its parameters of services since she joined, as she institutionalized new methodologies of conceptualization in space design and design thinking. Anupriya also mentors, individual with highly creative bent and enriches their skills to pursue design careers.

The Design Mill

Our team of designers and workaholics are called the design mill with love, because it is their churning brains and collaborative design thinking that results in shaping successful projects and evolved design visions. There is a sense of constant collaboration and coordination that is taught to Innovatio's new interns and employees, which they absorb and take further to ensure the smooth functioning and working of INNOVATIO with the Clients, vendors and consultants; this helps Innovatio to build the culture of innovation and constant growth.

Anupriya consciously broke the system of organisational hierarchy at Innovatio and ensures that, it is only the great work and gratitude that come of it's IHIVE!

The Research Suite

The multi-disciplinary team of Innovatio sits on rounds of Ideation before formalizing any design concept for a project. Innovatio's working ideology doesn't consider clients an external part of the design process; rather the clients are involved to become an essential part of the design process. This is achieved by rounds of collaborative brainstorming with the clients and applying various design thinking techniques like affinity diagramming to rapid prototyping during meetings and discussions. At the same time, Innovatio's team, due to its constant itch to keep innovating, keep diving deep to dig in more challenging prospects.