Innovatio Innovatio


'US.' multidisciplinary design organization

INNOVATIO is a multi-disciplinary design organization that roots from space design and collaborates design thinking, social innovation and design mentorship together on a single platform, to reflect back the largeness of design as a tool.


Innovatio’s working revolves around the basic ideology, that design as a tool has much more to contribute than just good looking spaces, services or products. From devising a design strategy that attracts businesses for an upcoming new brand to creating a design that caters for social benefit and upliftment of humanity, INNOVATIO believes to work for an underlying purpose and meaningfulness behind every project it creates; a purpose that is much larger! In fact, as a part of our growing practice, we are displaying how design can resolve both designerly and non-designerly issues.




Space Design & Strategy

For generic understanding, Space Design can be understood as Interior Design or Interior Architecture; however to our philosophy & working, we have moved beyond to develop spaces along with the understanding of brands, services, processes, user experience, and with a much larger outcome on sustainability, social contribution and holistic evolution.

Design Management

Through the skills of Design Management, we build, seamless design processes, derive evolved solutions through the techniques of design thinking and understand broader applicability of processes and solutions. In fact, this is truly where our core of functioning lies!

Social Innovation

We believe in sharing every bit we receive from the universe and it's people; hence to expand circumferentially, the knowledge and comfort we receive as a part of being INNOVATIO, we devise Strategies, services, and concepts that work for social benefit.

Design Mentorship

Innovatio’s design mentorship program program works on increasing the awareness of design amongst much larger number of people and it is done through various channels; which includes guidance to individuals with creative bent, to pursue design education and careers; also, increasing the awareness amongst non designerly/designerly corporations and individuals to understand the use of design thinking. To our vision this is a step towards uplifting the overall design positioning and vision.